3rd Category Prize


Analyzing the requirements and verifying that the difference between each apartment is a constant of 5m2, between the different types and sizes we decided to use it as the base module of each apartment. 

A single module articulates the planimetric composition of each apartment in order to correctly organize the environments. 

The sum of modules, or its multiples, generate others, for example dining room, living room, bedrooms, loggia. 

We divided the day and the night area. In the center we placed the day area that includes kitchen, dining room, living room and loggias. 

The use of loggias has been the main key in the composition of the apartments as well as the facades. They are always in the living area as a central space, we could almost define these apartments as court apartments. 

The loggias allow the entry of natural sunlight and ventilation but at the same time protects from rain or snow and generates a very intimate and private environment. An open space but at the same time protected, almost an extension of the interior on the outside. They also generate a microclimate that contributes during the winter to mitigate cold air coming from the outside and, during the summer, to keep this environment cooler.

We introduced a sliding doors system that increases the flexibility of the internal spaces and allows total or partial divisions and customization of finishes.



On stage 2 we extended the modular concept to apartment layouts and buildings, so the sum of two low density apartments generate one high density apartment.  With this flexibility the ratio can adapt to the different contexts (city center or outskirts). 

The interchangeable apartments have the same facade that is in fact thought and designed to be made by precast concrete panels.  They have very good characteristics of adaptability to different types of climatic conditions thanks to its thermal insulation and also allows personalization of buildings.

One can change from apartment types by intervening the internal partitions.